Quilotoa Shalala

Amazing pleace to stay 

Tours Quilotoa - Shalala 


-Zumbahua - Quilotoa Shalala     (4-5 h )

-Quilotoa Shalala-Cumbre Quilotoa (1h)

-Quilotoa Shalala - vuelta al crater   (4h)

-Quilotoa Shalala - Chucchilan    (4-5h)      

Welcome Shalala Quilotoa 

We are a community about  65 families  partner. We   living in the tourist place of Quilotoa, Maca  Pungo is in Zumbahua parish, located within the  Illinizas Ecological Reserve  in the tourist hub of the Avenue of the Volcanoes, Ecuador's Central Andes.

Conceived as a tourist destination under the Excursion Center concept and Outreach services, rural tourism facilities and activities Sutent handling practices and natural resource around the community.

High Andes  working together with the community  to give good service to our customers



Bumping along the spectacular dirt roads of the Quilotoa loop and hiking between the area’s Andean villages is one of Ecuador’s most exhilarating adventures. Transportation is tricky but the rewards are abundant: highland markets, the breathtaking crater lake of Laguna Quilotoa, splendid hikes and traditional highland villages. Most of the villages along the loop have only basic accommodations, but you can base yourself in Chugchilán, which has good lodging options for all wallet sizes. (Tigua is another option.) One of the best parts of the loop is the fact that you’ll have many chances, especially in Quilotoa, to interact with indigenous folks. They can seem somewhat withdrawn at first, but are friendly and talkative once the ice is broken, especially if you speak some Spanish or – even better – Quichua.

Transportation is infrequent, and you may have to walk for long distances or wait for hours, so always carry warm clothes, a water bottle, some snacks and maybe even a sleeping bag.

The loop is explained heading clockwise from Latacunga, although you can travel in reverse with no problems.